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Why Designtp Brand Communications?

We are a boutique brand communication and design agency who are focused upon adding value to your business through ensuring that your branding is synergistic with your company vision and mission and is effectively communicating to your audience.

  • Our five step process ensures success

    Our five step process that ensures that your brand and communication needs are thoroughly understood, and that the correct media is selected in the delivery of your brand or product message.

    It assists in providing an insight into your point of difference or parity when compared to your competitors, helping us to understand what building blocks you will need to make your brand stand out while giving us an idea as to how to make you appealing to your customers.

  • Step One

    First things first... We'd like to meet you. If we can't meet with you in person we will meet with you on Skype.

    During our meeting we'll discuss the important things like what your business offers, where you want to goal and your idea of how you are going to get there. We'll also ask the hard questions like:

    • Who are you;
    • What are you;
    • What about you;
    • What about you & the consumer;
    • And what's your favourite chocolate??
  • Step Two

    Step two is quite important, we will identify many of the brand elements that you will potentially require for your brand journey.

    Your brand elements may include items such as:

    • Name;
    • Logo;
    • Colours;
    • Image;
    • Tone;
    • Slogan;
    • Character / Spokesperson.
  • Step Three

    Next we build your brand strategy. We identify how the elements will work together working towards developing the type of tone and imagery that will make you pop!

    At this stage you will see:

    • A response brief - just to make sure so that we are all on the same page!
    • Determination of brand attributes, pillars, positioning, mantra and building blocks and more
  • Step Four

    Then its onto our favourite part... Design. We will develop and present you with concepts that are appealing and functional, ensuring your message is audience savvy.

    If your design is cross-platform, we will show you how they will translate across various mediums be that from print to digital. Once we have an approved concept and designs, we'll look to moving to Step Five.

  • Step Five

    Delivery is exciting, it's not to be thought of as the end of our journey together either! We look to develop everlasting, long-term relationships with you as our client, and helping your business and it's brand grow to it's full potential.

    Delivery of your project will largely depend on its scope, however, it is important for you to know that we provide two options for delivery into your marketplace. And one of those options involves turn-key solutions where we will launch your brand or product on your behalf.